Men's Shelter Parka - Bromley Outing Club

$444.00 USD

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Color: BLACK

Men's Shelter Insulated Ski Parka

We’ve all put on a jacket to find it does nothing to defend against the cutting chill of a sunless early morning. That’s why we built the Shelter Insulated Ski Parka, our warmest jacket, to shrug off sub-zero mornings and head to the hill confidently. Made with more durable blast-proof zippers, long-lasting breathable fabric and our highest grade insulation, you can trust this jacket will keep warm on the coldest, blistering winter days. 

    Customer Reviews

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    Damon Robbins
    Age: 18 to 24 years old
    Gender: Male
    Size Demographics: 5’10
    Weight: 165
    Product Size: Medium
    Product Fit : Perfect! The product runs true to size and fits as described.

    This is my second jacket and I really enjoy the new models, however, the velcro doesn’t seem to work as well as the dots.

    Hi Damon,

    Thank you for your review and for purchasing with SYNC again! We greatly appreciate your honest feedback about the velcro - it helps us improve. We hope you enjoy the rest of your ski season - thank you again!

    Christopher Daley
    Age: 40 to 60 years old
    Gender: Male
    Product Fit : Perfect! The product runs true to size and fits as described.

    Great jacket. Bomber.

    Hi Christopher!

    Thanks for the 5-start review! We're stoked the Men's Shelter Parka meets your expectations. Have a great ski season!

    The Heavy Weight

    After an entire winter of wearing this jacket I have to say it is the heaviest jacket I have ever worn. That has its upside and downside. On the upside, it is warm and is a great wind block. On the downside- well, it's heavy. Noticeably heavy. It weighs you down. If I wore it walk I would feel like I was wearing a significantly heavy backpack. I really like the slight stretch of the fabric. The pockets are useful though it would be nice if there was a RIFD pocket on the left sleeve. The hood is easily adjustable over a helmet or a cap. The thing that really bugs me is the closures. The cuffs and front flap do not close at a touch. You actually have to press hard on them. On top of that, I have found the bottom front flap closure is impossible to close unless I pinch it between my thumb and a finger. With a glove on - forget it. I think the designers overthought this whole issue. A simple snap and hook and loop patches seem like they would have been sufficient. One thing I will say, I'm not likely the ever wear this thing out. It's like a suit of flexible armor.

    Dan Miller
    My Aspen's on a cold chairlift!

    But with my new ski jacket that problem is a thing of the past! The insulated ski parka is super warm and a great purchase. I specifically bought it for a recent ski trip and has my highest recommendation. The medium size was perfect for my 5'8"/150 lb size. It's worth the price if you hate getting cold!

    James Karr III
    Great Parka-Vest not so great :(

    Purchased a custom club monogrammed Parka and Vest (read non-returnable/refundable) from Sync to support my sons ski club. Tried on a bunch of Sync coats to get sizing correct. Settled on XL for both, which should make sense. Parka is perfect, little long in the arms, but completely fine, issue is more my anatomy. Vest is completely useless for me, sizes about a mans SMALL, marked XL. Clearly not on the same page as the parka sizing. Wish i would have known the sizing was so drastically different across product lines before i pulled the trigger.