SYNC Performance’s Custom Program is Giving Back Over $20,000 to Partnered Clubs

SYNC Performance’s Custom Program is Giving Back Over $20,000 to Partnered Clubs

SYNC Performance's commitment to the ski racing community extends beyond creating high-quality apparel and gear. SYNC's Custom Program embodies this commitment by providing clubs with a seamless and hassle-free solution to uniform ordering. The Custom Program supports individual athletes and the entire club, developing a program that aims to take mundane work away from club administration, parents, coaches, and volunteers so they can focus on athletes and their ski racing journeys.

Intending to be more than just a uniform provider, SYNC developed its Kickback Program. This program is a testament to SYNC's unwavering commitment to the individual athletes and the clubs that support them. While streamlining the uniform ordering process, SYNC goes a step further by actively contributing to the growth and development of ski racing communities. By partnering with SYNC, clubs not only receive top-quality custom gear but also gain a dedicated partner invested in the success of every athlete and team. 

SYNC projects to give back $20,000 in kickback funding to their partnering clubs this season. While SYNC does not restrict the use of the funds, they heavily advocate and suggest the funding supports developing an exceptional athlete experience. The Kickback Program ensures that SYNC's commitment extends well beyond the products, creating a stronger ski racing community.

“The Kickback Program has assisted the club tremendously in helping support the cost of our coaches' pieces.”  - Taryn Miletti, Ski and Snowboard Club Vail. 

“This is our first year using the Kickback Program. I love the idea and think it's a great way to purchase loaner coats for kids on the team unable to afford a coat otherwise.”  - Christina Birolini, Holiday Valley Race Team. 

The challenges teams face when outfitting their communities are well understood. The SYNC Custom Program simplifies uniform ordering by managing team stores, handling individual orders and payments, and fully facilitating embroidery to deliver ready-to-wear gear directly to the customer. The goal for the Custom Program is to make this process as effortless as possible for coaches, families, and administrators, allowing them to focus on what truly matters - athlete development and fostering a positive club community.

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