Custom Club Feature: Franconia Ski Club

SYNC Performance Custom Club Feature: Franconia Ski Club 

SYNC Performance’s dedication to elevating ski racing communities is the core of the company’s mission. The approach is simple— apparel dedicated to performance, function, durability, comfort, and style. And not only create proper gear; the intent is to build relationships and support the growth of ski racing communities across North America, committed to building the future of the sport, especially clubs with growing junior programs like Franconia Ski Club (FSC). SYNC’s Custom Team sat down with Rebecca Bell, Operations Manager at Franconia Ski Club, to reflect on their partnership with SYNC’s Custom Program over the last five years. 

Franconia Ski Club, located in Franconia, NH, is home to a rapidly growing alpine program that includes 195 athletes enrolled in their weekend program, which begins with U8 and goes up to U18/U21. The mission of FSC is to impart the joys of skiing and the life-long lessons of healthy competition to the children of its broad and open membership. The club achieves its mission by providing thoughtful, caring, and professional instruction. 

Initially, FSC purchased SYNC jackets for their coaching staff for the 2018-2019 ski season and has continued to work with the Custom Program. Before partnering with SYNC, FSC had made a few attempts at offering customized apparel to members with no consistency in brand from year to year. The common complaint was they never felt they had “team” jackets. 

The program at FSC prides itself on keeping the costs associated with ski racing as low as possible. One of the reasons the community did not support team jackets in the past was they didn’t want parents to feel the need to spend more money on team uniforms.  

“Thanks to the quality of the Junior Blasters and Shelter Parkas from SYNC, hand-me-downs are always an option. Year-round apparel and accessories to their team store is a big hit – Dads especially love the activewear gear. The team store open year-round has made ordering a breeze and is a great solution for the kid who outgrows his jacket mid-season.”

SYNC understands how difficult it can be for many athletes and families to afford a new team jacket year after year. In 2022, SYNC launched a Uniform Sustainability Program to solve the problem of keeping gear performing at its highest level for as long as possible. Through a partnership with SYNC, clubs can send their team jackets for cleaning, re-waterproofing, and general repairs at the end of each season. 

“Thanks to SYNC, we can now offer jackets and custom apparel to the entire FSC community. Not only with our athletes but also with parents. Having swarms of athletes and coaches proudly wearing the FSC logo is a great way for us to show pride in our program and continue to be a tentpole organization in the local community.”

SYNC’s Custom Program looks forward to its continued partnership with Franconia Ski Club for many seasons. Bringing success stories like FSC to many other ski racing communities across the globe is what keeps SYNC forging new paths within custom apparel. 


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