Athlete Pack- Sundance
Athlete Pack- Sundance
Athlete Pack- Sundance
Athlete Pack- Sundance

Athlete Pack- Sundance

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The Athlete Pack Is The Ultimate Ski Travel Backpack.

Whether you spend 150 days on snow per year or spend your days traveling to and from the mountains every weekend by plane, train, or automobile the Athlete Pack is the one backpack you can't live without. A bag that satisfies every need a traveling athlete could ever need, so you never get to the mountain and have to turn around.

Years Of Input.

Carrying a heavy load through the airport is stressful, uncomfortable, and taxing on your body. With a molded back panel, proper strap placement, and easy to access organization pockets, The Athlete Pack removes all that stress and anxiety, from your home to destination. It's a beautiful thing to know exactly where your necessities are and easily access them. 

Dedicated To The Details.

Similar to previous editions of The Athlete Pack, the new and improved backpack features external boot holsters with protective caps, but now it comes with even more functionality. Easy to access top-loading compartments, so you can pack like a normal backpack, or fully extend the zippers to experience packing like a true duffel bag. Easily access the bottom of your bag so you can find those floating keys or diamond stones.

Additional Storage.

Our favorite feature is the new removable top storage compartment so you can store shoes, goggles, extra gloves, spare socks, or additional ski straps. Completely remove it and travel with style and comfort in a more compact system. Or bring it along for the ride to store all your dirty laundry from 10 days on the road. Made with easily cleaned ripstop nylon for storing and separating those nasty items from the rest of your pack, like your smooshed PB&J and exploded apple sauce.

New to the SYNC bag and pack lineup is the slick Utility Kit, which is purpose-built to be added to either the Locker Pack or Athlete Pack. A uniquely integrated system to securely attach important items to the outside of your pack. 

Technical Details

  • Internal fleece-lined pocket for goggles, lenses or anything easily scratched
  • Secure helmet net (slalom chin bar compatible)
  • Reinforced TPU Zipper pulls
  • Tuck away ski boot holsters with a shower cap to protect from snow and rain
  • Molded anatomic back panels for standalone support
  • PE panel on the bottom for additional structural support
  • Removable zippered top storage compartment
  • Sternum straps with secure buckle closure
  • Extra thick hip strap with secure buckle closure to prevent shifting while traveling or skiing
  • Two side compartments for additional storage, perfectly fit water bottles or securely fasten ski boots
  • Heat shrink wrapped handle for easy grip
  • Nameplate for easy identification
  • Daisy chains on top for easy attachment of Utility Kit or other storage
  • Embroidered SYNC logo
  • 900D TPE coated eco-friendly fabric for maximum waterproofness
  • POLY 900D PVC
  • 33-liter main compartment

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Perfect Day pack

Love the size of the bag and quality.

Very Functional

Ah to see function and think boy I wish they had this back in my day. This thing is also rugged, it’s going to hold up no problem. It’s a little hard at times to clip the boot strap buckles on the back, but I also see the design is to protect the buckle from impact. Overall this is an awesome pack for the traveling racer, albeit I’m the dad, but one of them will inherit it when they grow older.

Awesome Pack for ski racing

I looked extensively for a ski racing backpack for my son and finally decided to go with this one! I could not be happier with it! Has room for all of his gear, is durable and compact. Would highly recommend!


Not big enough

Darn good but not perfect

After having toted my kit to and from the hill everyday for the past week I have to say that I quite like this backpack version of a flatbed. Even though I carry everything I need for the day (helmet, goggles, extra lenses, three pairs of gloves, two pairs of socks, coat, vest, beanie, Buff, hot lunch, insulated flask, notebook, pen, sunscreen, portable weather station, liquid wax, rotten stone, diamond file, scraper and iPad), I have yet to need to use the helmet net. I would like to see the return of the diagonal ski carry rig but its absence is not a major inconvenience. Other changes I would make if I had a say would be to incorporate a lighter interior to make all the ubiquitous industrial/artistic black accessories easier to find and offer it in another color so it wouldn’t look like all the other black gear bags piled around.